RankCountryAdvancementPointsView Team
1 Thailand-750view-team-button
2 Vietnam-660view-team-button
3 Malaysia+1570view-team-button
4 Japan+1540view-team-button
5 Korea+2430view-team-button
6 Myanmar-3420Team Profile NA
7 Indonesia-1410view-team-button
Ranking Updated on 28 April 2015
RankCountryAdvancementPointsView Team
1 Thailand-3250view-team-button
2 Vietnam-2625view-team-button
3 Malaysia-2335view-team-button
4 Japan-2060view-team-button
5 Korea-1855view-team-button
6 Indonesia-1815view-team-button
7 India-1040view-team-button
8 Myanmar-1035Team Profile NA
9 China-965view-team-button
10 Cambodia-260Team Profile NA
11 Philippines-250Team Profile NA
12 Pakistan-170Team Profile NA
Ranking Updated on 28 April 2015

Ranking Overview

Position Points
1st Place250 Points
2nd Place230 Points
3rd Place210 Points
4th Place200 Points
5th Place190 Points
6th Place180 Points

If there is one thing that unites all sports fans, it is their often-obsessive desire to debate the relative strengths and weaknesses of their favourite sports stars.


Sepaktakraw fans are no exception to this rule, but the lack of a defined international circuit has, until now, prevented true comparisons to be made between the sport’s greatest exponents. With the advent of the ISTAF World Cup and the ISTAF SuperSeries, this is all about to change. Inspired by statistics-rich exploration of playing performance in other sports, a brand new Sepaktakraw World Ranking system will, for the first time, be introduced to determine the world greatest team and players.

Complete Metrics

The new World Ranking system will not, however, be limited solely to a conventional team-based international ranking index. Employing a state-of-the-art electronic data collection system (which was successfully used at several international multi-sport games such as the National Rugby League, Australia Open Tennis, and the Melbourne Cup), comprehensive tournament data and statistics, based on a host of wide-ranging parameters, will be constantly collected and processed. The new World Ranking system will instead encompass and present, an extensive variety of tournament performance measurements and indicators


All processed data will be available to the general public, so that one thing is sure; it will only fuel the debates among die-hard Sepaktakraw fans. This system will also be mirrored by a performance-ranking index for all players and teams, reflecting their performances in the ISTAF SuperSeries.