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About ISS Korea 2014/15

The third leg of the ISTAF SuperSeries 2014/15 tournament will see top 8 Men’s team and 6 elite Women’s team set foot in a new region in the port city of Gunsan, Korea. Its strategic location for sea trade has allowed for a multi-diverse culture, while preserving the rich heritage of Korea.

Gunsan City is located approximately 3 hours from Seoul, the bustling capital of South Korea. Well known for its largest reclamation project, the Saemangeum seawall is the longest in the world and has attracted many tourists from around the world.

Building on from the excitement in the previous leg of the tournament, Korea will be hosting the ISTAF SuperSeries tournament for the first time. It will be all to play for among the teams, as Korea is the only other team who has managed to triumph against the powerhouse Thailand in the history of ISTAF SuperSeries tournaments.

With their great showing at the recent Incheon Asian Games 2014, will Team Korea will able to replay the scene from ISTAF SuperSeries INDIA 2013/14 New Delhi and lift up the golden trophy on their home ground? Or will Malaysia be coming on strong to maintain their reign from the previous ISTAF SuperSeries MALAYSIA 2014/15 Melaka?

Indonesia Women’s team will be back in the game, with the ladies from Myanmar taking a backseat in this leg of the ISTAF SuperSeries 2014/15 tournament.

Official Venue

Wolmyeong Arena is a multi-use indoor stadium which forms one of the three main facilities in Wolmyeong Sports Complex. Other large scale national sporting events such as the “Gunsan Saemangeum International Marathon” and “Gunsan Saemangeum Walkathon” is organised around various landmarks before finishing off at the Athletic Track and Field stadium which is adjacent to Wolmyeong Arena.

In April, Gunsan becomes a city of festivals for various arts, culture and sports. This year, ISTAF SuperSeries hopes to be the epitome of all sporting events held in Gunsan, drawing large crowds to the remarkable event.

Official Hotel

Situated along the Geumgang River, the Benikea Riverhill Hotel provides an alfresco view of the best attractions that the lively city of Gunsan-si has to offer. Its convenient location allows guests to enjoy easy access to the city’s must-see destinations. The setting of the Benikea Riverhill Hotel is in line with the Saemangeum development project which is also one of the main attraction of Gunsan City. Decided to providing a flawless service and facilities, it is an ideal place for both adventurous and business travellers who wish to experience the cultural charm of the city.

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